After consume Miruku for only two weeks, my skin become brighter and smoother. I was so surprised. I will continue to consume Miruku and introduce it to my friends."


After 3 months consistent with Miruku. My skin feel supple and soft. No more dry and dull skin."


My face used to have lots of pimples and caused my skin very rough with big pores. So, I have decided to consume miruku 3 months in row and I have noticed that, my skin has became more fine and smooth.

Testimonial 1

My friends can see my skin has brighter. I love it and I would recommend it to others.

Testimonial 2

My acne scars had dissappear. Now, lots of people told me that I look so much younger than my actual age. I feel more confident to myself and I would definitely consistent with miruku.

Testimonial 3

I look younger, and healthier. My skin is visually supple and sense of well being rejuvenated from within.

Testimonial 4

I have experienced better energy. My skin feels much softer . I will continue to consume miruku. Thank you very much!

Testimonial 5

I realized my face has been lifted and tighten with more brighten complexion. Thanks to miruku for giving me back my youthful skin and confidence!

Testimonial 6

I love the milky creamy taste. And my skin has brighten up after 2 weeks . Highly recommended product!

Sweet QisminaArtist/Actor

Husband said my skin getting brighter and glowing. Alhamdulillah miruku treat my gastric problem too.

Testimonial 8

After 1 month, my skin was more lustrous and feel younger than before.

Aliff AzizArtist

I am no longer suffer from acne and scars after 2 bottle of mirukuwhite. Love the result 💕

Testimonial 10

My skin is healing with miruku. Plus, it smells and taste very nice. Worth the investment.

Testimonial 11

No more dull skin, and uneven skin tone with miruku. My skin getting brighter and smooth. 100% satisfied!

Eira SyaziraArtist/Actor


This product is certified by the Malaysian Ministry of Health and is classified in the Food Drug Interphase (FDI) category.